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New look! (But still under construction)

Frequent visitors to Indieheart will probably notice that the look of the site has changed. You may also notice a few things, like the long lists of free Kindle ebooks, are missing. They have been replaced by a few featured books per day and a newsletter sign-up form. I like that the reviews are really […] Read More

Carry Me Away

It’s been a while since a novel grabbed me and drew me in as immediately as Carry Me Away by Rob Grindstaff. I wasn’t sure I’d like the book, and I had meant to spend an hour reading before bedtime to decide if I was going to read further. I ended up staying up late […] Read More

Mother of Mercy

Mother of Mercy by author Lee Charles follows the investigation into a series of ritualistic murders with socioreligious/psychosexual overtones. In a refreshing change of pace from most modern novels in the genre, the wet work happens away from the audience. The book is described as “a taut mystery and a meditation on losing one’s way […] Read More