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The Contestant

Catherine Lea, who wrote the excellent The Candidate’s Daughter, says the reason she used the pen name CJ Lea for The Contestant is because the books are so different. The Candidate’s Daughter is a billed as a “thriller with a heart”. The characters in The Contestant? Completely heartless. However, like the first book, it is […] Read More

Feud (Rebels and Brothers)

If you like an action-packed book, this one’s for you. The story moves along with plenty of fighting, blood, and death. The English War of the Roses was a bloody time: Author Birks doesn’t spare the gore. The novel frames itself around a local feud between the Elder and Radcliffe families as the War of […] Read More

New look! (But still under construction)

Frequent visitors to Indieheart will probably notice that the look of the site has changed. You may also notice a few things, like the long lists of free Kindle ebooks, are missing. They have been replaced by a few featured books per day and a newsletter sign-up form. I like that the reviews are really […] Read More