New look! (But still under construction)

wrecking ball

Image by Rhys Asplundh.
Used under a CC Attribution license.

Frequent visitors to Indieheart will probably notice that the look of the site has changed. You may also notice a few things, like the long lists of free Kindle ebooks, are missing. They have been replaced by a few featured books per day and a newsletter sign-up form. I like that the reviews are really front and center now and that the Reader’s Blog posts will also appear prominently on the site.

Let’s face it, the site needed a facelift, and while I was at it, I got rid of some of the elements of the site that took up a lot of time on a daily basis. I’m hoping I will now have more time to review books. That would be nice, since that was the original idea behind the site. I got side-tracked along the way. Fairly typical for me (you can insert a smiley there, if you’re the emoticon type.)

I am still working on some of the site elements, so things may seem a little bare for a while. If you notice anything going wrong, please hit the Contact Form and let me know about it. I’ll check it out and try to get it going right again just as soon as I can.

Posted 3/30/2014

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