Indieheart’s Recommended Authors page lists self-published writers who, in our opinion, write and publish books that rival the quality of their traditionally published peers.  Before an author appears on this page, our staff will have read two or more of the writer’s novels and determined that the author approaches their published work in a professional manner (artwork, editing, proofreading) and can consistently create works of fiction at a high standard.

If you are looking for new authors to read but are reluctant to take a chance on self-published writers because of bad experiences in the past, we hope you will take a chance on some of the authors below.

We will continually add new authors as we identify new books in our digital slushpile that delight us. Please feel free to visit our list every month or so to find our latest recommendations.

Harriet Smart (Victorian Crime Series / Historical Fiction)

The Dead SongbirdBritish author Harriet Smart currently engages her talents writing the entertaining Police Procedural / Mystery series Northminster Mysteries set in the early Victorian era. Her career began as a traditionally published author writing Historical Fiction, including Historical Romance.

Ms. Smart has several Kindle books available at reasonable price points. You can read our review of the first book in the Northminster Mysteries series, The Butchered Man, in our book reviews section. For more info, please visit Amazon’s Harriet Smart Author Page or the author’s website at

Max Tomlinson (Thriller / Drama / Suspense)

California-based author Max Tomlinson nailed it in one with his debut novel, Sendero, set in Peru in the aftermath of that country’s “dirty war” of the 1980’s. His second novel, Who Sings To The Dead continues to follow the life of Sendero main character, Nina Flores, and is thematically linked to the first by continuing to observe the impact of the dirty war on the people who were touched by it. Tomlinson is currently working on two additional novels, one of them for young adult readers.

Read our take on Sendero in book reviews or just watch the book trailer below. You can find more information on Mr. Tomlinson’s Amazon Author Page or visit his blog at

Marion G. Harmon (Super Hero / Paranormal)

Marion G. Harmon writes a series about Super Heroes and one Super Hero Vampire. Don’t worry yourself about it if you are worn out on the vamps. It works. We wouldn’t steer you wrong.

We’ve now read two of Mr. Harmon’s enjoyable, well-written, and professionally presented books. He writes really good stories. If you like Super Heroes, we recommend you start with Wearing the Cape, and continue the series from there. The story follows 19 year old Hope/Astra as she adapts to her new-found Super Hero skills. Although it has a teen heroine, adults who enjoy the genre would also enjoy the book. For more information, you can read our full review.

If you aren’t much of a Super Hero fan but enjoy Urban Paranormal, you can read Bite Me: Big Easy Nights as a stand alone. You don’t have to have read the first novel to enjoy it. It’s a good one for vampire fans, with some interesting twists for those looking for original takes on the vampire mythology. You will particularly like it if you prefer your paranormal sans romance.

You can find more information about the recommended author on Marion G. Harmon Author Page at Amazon and read his thoughts about writing and books on his blog at